Bike Rental

Bike Rental at Energie Fietsen in the Hague

You only need a bike occasionally or you are only temporarily in The Hague? You are on holiday or on a business trip in The Hague and need a bicycle during your stay? Friends from out of town are visiting and you temporarily need an extra bicycle?

Energie Fietsen offers the service of bike rental

We rent bicycles exclusively from top brands and quality and they are always well maintained. Energie Fietsen offers a wide selection of bikes for hire. You'll have no work with a rental bike, since these are maintained by our mechanics. Our experience, expertise and passion for cycling you will find it here, too.

We offer a good service and also adjust the bicycle to your size, so you'll be on the road safely. This way you can enjoy your stay and easily navigate the busy city traffic of The Hague. And if you no longer need the bicycle, you simply bring it back, so you also do'nt have to worry about storage.

Here you will find an overview of our service, prices and group packages.