Bicycle Insurances

If you want to get an insurance, we are happy to help:

- We advise and assist in getting the insurance
- We will handle your claims
- You can insure your bicycle for 3, 4 or 5 years
- Casco (indemnity) insurance possible
- E-bike insurance with very low rates
- You will be insured immediately
- No deductible
- With damage you'll get a new bike immediately!

Energie Fietsen and ENRA

Energie Fietsen has been a partner of ENRA insurances in The Hague for many years and we can advise you perfectly with getting insured and handling claims. This way we take your worries and keep you mobile!

ENRA Bicycle Insurance

You just bought a new bicycle; this needs a good insurance. Because you want to stay mobile with your bike. Fortunately, this is possible with the national bicycle insurance. Because you can be insured for 2, 3 or 5 years lasting cycling fun.
unfortunately, the chance of your bike beeing stolen in The Hague is a real possibility. It happens to often, that someone simply takes your bike with him. But the national bicycle insurance will help you, to quickly cycle through the streets of The Hague again after such a nasty experience.

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Theft? Energie Fietsen will help you back into the saddle quickly!

From the bicycle specialist where you purchased and insured your bicycle, you'll recieve a equivalent bike of your choice after theft. Without additional complex procedures and - also a bonus - without deductibles.
This is a pleasant thought.

E-Bike insurance? Advantageous!

Especially for electric bicycles ENRA has an exclusive E-Bike Insurance, with mobility guarantee. These insurance policies have special low rates for E-Bikes up to 3,000 or up to 4,000. It is possible to insure against theft but also for damage and an extended warranty up to 5 years!
The mobility guarantee in your insurance for your electric bicycle means, that if your e-bike breakes down while on the road, you'll be picked up quickly and brought back to your starting point or your bicycle shop, Energie Fietsen in The Hague.
Energie Fietsen and ENRA will keep you mobile!

Discount with DPC chip

If your bike is equipped with one or more registered Theft Prevention Chips (DPC) ENRA applies (even) more favorable rate. A DPC is a hidden chip, the police and the bicycle specialist can read. The chips contain a unique number and most city bikes in price range from 600 euros are equipped with one. Due to the additional safety the DPC offers, the rates are very favorable.

Whitch locks are allowed?

A bike insurance is a logical and sensible extension with the purchase of a bicycle. To be eligible for insurance, the bike must be equipped with an ART approved lock. At Energie Fietsen we know exactly which locks comply. (See also

Take out insurance

There are several ways to take out an insurance with ERNA. The easiest way is to visit us, or to get one while purchasing your new bike. Then we can immediately arrange everything for you and you'll ride out insured. Do you want advice first? You are welcome!