Repairs at Energy Cycling in The Hague

No Appointment Needed
You can always come in for a repair, our mechanics are ready for you.

Quick Repair
Usually you can pick up your repaired bike the next day. If it should take longer, will provide a free rental bike.

All Types of Bicycles
Our mechanics know all kinds of bicycles and electric bicycles, so you can always come to us.

Our mechanics are informed about the latest technologies and can give you expert advice.

Professional Tools
At Energie Fietsen we only use professional tools, so that we can quickly and professionally repair your bike.

Clear Quotation
Our mechanics will talk you through all necessary and desired repairs, to be able to give a accurately as possible duration and price of the repair.

No Surprises
Should it appear during a repair, that there is more going on and more or repairs need to be carried our mechanic will discuss this with you. So no nasty surprises arise.

Final Assembly and Maintenance
If you've bought a new bicycle our mechanics can do the final assembly for you. This means that all screws and nuts are checked, the chain is tensioned, the handlebar and saddle are set, all that needs to be done, so you can cycle away on your new bike immediately. And also for maintenance you can come to our skilled mechanics.

Web Shop
When you bought a bicycle or bicycle accessories in the web shop and these need to be assembled, you can come to Energie Fietsen.
Here you can find an overview of the most common repairs and quotes: