Cycle with your Union through The Hague!

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Union is a bicycle brand at heart. From the beginnings in 1904 until today, a lot has changed, but the essence is always the same: make bikes designed for cycling. Simultaneously with the first own production of bicycles in 1911 cycling lessons were given. Netherlands is introduced to Union and soon the bikes become a part of the streetscape and still are. Not without reason. Thus Union combines over 100 years of cycling history with innovations which have already proven themselves.

Union Bicycle from Energie Fietsen in The Hague

A Union is made for the street and for life. And you'll feel it as you ride through the streets of The Hague on your Union. A Union bike is your reliable steel steed that will take you through wind and weather to your destination. Every time.

Energie Fietsen offers you in The Hague a wide range of Union bicycles. A Union bike has a cool appearance due to its simple and sleek design, but is equipped with all comforts. At Energie Fietsen in Benoordenhout we have for you Union Bicycles for Ladies and Union Bicycles for Gents.

You are welcome to view this Union Bicycles in our store and make a test drive.