Cycle with your Folding Bike through The Hague!

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A folding bicycle is a bicycle that can be folded up to a smaller size and thus can easily be put in a trunk or taken along in a train. And the folding bike is also allowed to be taken inside at many places, which significantly reduces the risk of theft.

Folding Bicycle from Energie Fietsen in The Hague

Do you travel a lot with public transportation and do you need a bicycle in The Hague? Or do you prefer to bring your bicycle inside, to lower the risk of theft? Than the solution is a folding bicycle.

Energie Fietsen in Benoordenhout in The Hague has a wide range Folding Bicycles for you. You can choose from many models Folding Bicycles from brands like Dahon.

You are welcome to view the Folding Bicycle in our store and take a test ride.
Dahon Folding Bike The Hague
Dahon Folding Bike The Hague